VÖSI SOFTWARE DAY 2020 Business Track, Ramin Amiri VOQUZ „Future Mobility – Main drivers for transformation of mobilty“

2. August 2020 SOFTWARE DAY

Mobility will change in the future. Silicon Valley tells us about the futuristic future of mobility. Autonomous electric vehicles that no longer have owners but are available at the touch of a button on a smartphone are the vision of a fully networked mobility of the future. These will then no longer be brought to customers by existing OEMs, but by digital giants such as Google or Apple. The vehicles are hyper-networked and can read almost every wish from my lips or face. But do these innovations make sense? Will they really become reality? Are we ready yet? And if no, what is missing on the way there? There are good reasons to change mobility in the world.
There are 3 main drivers for transformation of Future Mobilty.
– Urbanization
– Climate change
– Digitisation

VÖSI SOFTWARE DAY 29. September 2020


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