Highest paying programming languages 2017

6. Dezember 2016 Marktzahlen/Studien

Silicon Valley’s Most Valuable Skills
 Full stack (or simply, stack) developers are some of the most in-demand individuals in the tech industry due to their extreme versatility. Based on the concept of having both front-end and back-end knowledge, these developers work as Swiss army knives to show their employer and co-workers how languages, such as Ruby or Python, combine with JavaScript.
Over 6.7 million Americans work in the tech industry, and close to 200,000 jobs were added between 2014 and 2015. In the next sections, we showcase which specific skills are most in-demand today, and outline which areas are actively sourcing these talents.
We examined 248 individual skills to understand how each one was valued based on average position salaries and the number of jobs that listed those skills as either a requirement for the job, or a preference for ideal candidates. Ultimately, we looked at how popular certain skills were and how well they paid comparatively. We found that skills considered to be less common often resulted in a higher salary.

In examining almost 30 different coding languages, Objective-C was a highly compensated skill, but it was listed on fewer than 2 percent of the positions we reviewed. It’s a backbone language of one of the largest mobile app platforms, and some companies are offering developers and engineers a $200,000 annual salary for this skill.

SQL was one of the lower compensated skills, but was also the highest in demand across all job postings. This knowledge of database management and development is certainly in demand, maybe thanks to Microsoft. The company is currently promoting SQL Server 2016 and offering to aid in the transition and migration to their service over competitors while advertising both the security and extreme cost-effectiveness of their solution. Almost 20 percent of the jobs we saw indicated a need or understanding of SQL. Details