Software: A 910 Billion EUR Catalyst for the EU Economy

19. Juli 2018 Marktzahlen/Studien
Software is ubiquitous. It is at the heart of every aspect of modern life.We depend on software at the office, at school, at home, in our leisure time,when we travel, and when we communicate. Software helps us be moreeffective, more creative, and more efficient. BSA | The Software Alliance hascommissioned this expert analysis by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)on the economic contributions of the software industry in both the EU28and its five biggest Member States: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and theUnited Kingdom. The research findings provide important insights on howthe European Union (EU) can take advantage of software’s potential.
Software delivers a total value-added (direct, indirect, and induced) GDP of € 910 billion — over 7 percent of the EU28 total GDP. This
contribution comes from all sectors and all levels of the economy: farming, manufacturing, services, education, and health care. Details