International Java Refactoring Day

With the Java Refactoring Day we would like to draw attention to the importance of Java Refactoring. A company can only get the best out of their product with well-maintained software. That means better software quality and higher security. Friday 16th April 2021 –  Program

What is Java Refactoring?

It is the process of taking existing code and improving it while it makes code more readable, understandable, and clean. Also, it becomes very handy to add new features, build large applications, and spot & fix bugs. Practically, refactoring means developing clearer and cleaner and simpler and elegant code. It’s important to have efficient execution, faster download speed, and easier updates. 

We look at this topic from both perspectives:

A technical and business.  On the day we will present 10 short videos to explain the extensive topic in more detail. The main Event will start at 17:00 and will be followed by a zoom discussion with experts. The audience can ask questions that are present to the guests by a moderator. After that there is a meet-up with the individual talk guests.

We are looking for this Event and would be happy if you would join. 🙂  Of course it’s free to join.